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Winter on Siren Isle by Dreamsickdev Winter on Siren Isle by Dreamsickdev
Jan. 17-19, 2013.
Made in GIMP, and submitted for :icongimpartistsunite: for [link] . An impromptu break from my to-do list that I started last night, since I finally had some time to draw something. So I feel all warmed up again and ready to start back with Morpheus and Cybelle for the trade-off!

So, yes, it's winter themed, but not with snow or anything.
Partially because that's not what I think of when I think of winter - I've never lived in a place where we actually could expect snow. In fact, when I was around the age most kids give up Santa Claus, we lived where it was quite humid and had a rainy and dry season instead of really experiencing all four. And even now, back in the states, we only get a bit of icy rain every few years, if then. I think of winter more as the sky and the wind and the stillness and barrenness of the earth.
But, also, because, I really wanted to represent winter as this character would think of it.

I'm not going to comment on the style here, because, really, what you see is what you get. No lineart, lots of smudginess with both hard and soft brushes, not my usual effort and detail in shading... Though, the bit of wonk in the anatomy was on purpose - see below for characters details - but also because I felt it fit the style experiment here. I may try something like this again. It's basically a speedpaint that turned out to not be so speedy. At least four to six hours went into it? Now just to put more effort like that into the rest of my work I need to do!
But turning on request critique anyway, since I have less than a month of premium left, and I may as well. I am proud of it, even with its flaws.
I don't think this should be put under Mature Content, since it's all cartoony and such, but I'll tag it if anyone thinks it ought to be. Don't want to gross anyone out.


Seraphina's mother was a siren and her father was a god. So, she spent her early life on the isle of the sirens. She was born with scaly feet and some feathers and sharp baby teeth, but she shed those soon after infancy, as her fraternal twin brother Ambrosius did likewise. They never had the sharp claws of their mother, and, like their father, as they grew older, their bones and skin began to resemble those of humanity more and more. They were still gangly and awkward runts, not even quite as human as ordinary demigods, but they had the same potential. They could grow strong, powerful, learning skills of both men and gods - but their blood never forgot their monstrous origins.

The sirens lived on their tiny island and ate fish, and sang, and groomed themselves, and raised their children. They were beautiful, if monstrous, and as much avian as humanoid. Sometimes sailors or other adventurers survived long enough to live with them for a time, and mate with them, but it was rare - they were more often made a meal of, or simply drifted off to death from the injuries sustained in their destroyed ships crashing into the perilous reefs around the island, with their beautiful songs lulling their hearts to eternal sleep. But, more often, as precautions against their songs were popularized - and then even later, it became a moot point entirely as travel became as we know it in modern times - they only ate the they fish caught. Sometimes, if they were lucky, a dolphin, but that tended to make Poseidon rather angry, so they didn't often risk that.

Here, Seraphina is cleaning herself up after a meal, in the cold water - though she's missed a few spots already - and wears a feather from her mother. When she remembers her time on the island, she remembers the sound of the waves and the harsh winter breezes. She never saw snow at all, but the clouds were pale wisps and the sky stretched on forever, carrying the delicate colors of dawn until they washed into the dusk of the evening. She remembered clambering over the rocks, and the way her body felt thin, lean like the fish they ate, and without any of the protective feathers that everyone else had. She remembered cowering in their nest with her fingers - too bony and hard of nail to be human, but too soft and fleshy to be talons - grasping weakly at the side of the nest during a storm, which seemed so huge and scary at the time. She remembered feeling small but safe in the calm expanse of the ocean, and listening to the songs that warmed her from the inside and drew her close to everything that she loved. She's the only one of her siblings with such clear memories of their birthplace, but she was never able to find it again - nor her mother's feather, which was long since lost in the ocean when they were set adrift.

This was even before they had their names, really. Her mother could hardly speak but a few words of distorted Greek - she sang, as all her sisters did. If she addressed someone specifically, she could struggle to place a few careful chirps and wails before it devolved into music once again, carrying only emotion and not the sense of any language. Seraphina remembered those songs, and sang them to her brother and little sister Glory to comfort them, after they washed up on the shores of an unfamiliar land, destitute, struggling to survive in a human world with rules that none of them comprehended. And that was how they lived until they were discovered by Auguri and Loki, and were taken back to Olympus to see if something could made of them.

(I assume there's a story behind why on earth Ares would ever decide to produce children with a siren. I also assume that it wasn't so much making a conscious decision but some other god/dess trying to make him look foolish by manipulating the event, and taking advantage of the siren song. This sort of thing happens pretty often in that family. But, eh - it's canon. Yep. You're welcome for the image.)
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